Maps and history of maps

Humans have always acknowledged the value of maps in their everyday activities. From stars to roads, cities and continents, people have made detailed graphic representations and used them for world explorations on every level. Whether you plan a vacation to a city in a foreign country, or you are a fan of treasure hunting, you certainly know the importance of geographic information whenever you visit an unknown place and you need proper orientation.

Maps are a universal means of communication that can be easily read by individuals who come from different cultures and speak various languages. From paintings drawn by ancestors in caves to sketches in ancient civilizations and modern day drawings, maps provide precious information about the things that were known at the time of their creation, the differences of the cultural foundation and the way of thinking in regards to the ones today.

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Cartography, the practice that creates maps, has given the world many unique pieces that are filled with history such as the 2300 B.C Babylonian clay tablets or the ancient drawings of the advanced Greeks. It is well known that the idea of a spherical Earth came from philosophers around the time of Aristotle and has remained a concept adopted by all geographers of the world. During the first century, Ptolemaeus designed his world map and wrote a memorable work.

In the Medieval times, Europe drew maps from a religious point of view, while the discoveries of the Vikings in the North Atlantic were included into the world view by the 12th century and the Arabic lands developed more practical representations. Because Renaissance has come up with the invention of prints, maps were widely available and printed on wooden blocks. In the 16th century, the first true world map was created with help from the voyages of Columbus.

Even though science developed fast in the following centuries and maps have become the result of many scientific methods, much of the world was still unknown to humans until aerial photography came into the picture after the World War I. Today, these items are based on observations conducted on the ground and images that come from satellites. With a rich heritage and valuable purpose, maps play a wonderful role in the lives of both explores and ordinary people.

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